Welcome to Lemire.name

Why was this site created?

The Lemire.name was registered when the .name registry began allowing registration for second level domains. When a second level domain name is registered, it prevents any third level domains from being registered. I wanted to preserve the availability of second level domains.

What are third level domains?

A top level domain (TLD) is what people recognize as the .com, .org .net, .name, etc portion of a domain name. An example of a second level domain name would be lemire.name, or typical of domains that are normally registered through a domain registrar.

A third level domain, also commonly referred to as subdomains, takes this concept one step further. For example, denis.lemire.name would be a third level domain.

Why is this cool?

Third level domains act in every way the same as any other domain. They can be delegated to entirely different name servers and managed independently from their parent domain.

In case you're not a DNS geek, what this essentially means, is if you wanted to setup your own web site, and you wanted the web site to vainly flaunt your name, you can now set this up without paying for a domain registration.

So, what exactly are you offering me here?

An example will clear things right up. Let us assume that you're one of the many fortunate individuals that shares my last name. Let us also assume for sake of example that your first name happens to be Joe. If you want to setup a website and e-mail and have a really cool and easy to remember web site url of: http://www.joe.lemire.name, I can make this happen for you.

In addition, I'll even give you the ultra cool e-mail address of joe@lemire.name!

What's the catch with all this?

Theres only two catches. First, I am only providing you with sub domain delegation and perhaps some e-mail forwarding. You're still going to need a hosting provider for me to delegate your shiny new sub domain to. This costs some cash but is dirt cheap for personal use.

The second catch: I am reserving the first names of those that are in my direct family. If your name happens to match one of theirs or mine, for that matter, then you're out of luck. Thems the breaks.

Why are you doing this, again?

As a professional network administrator, because I can. As a Lemire, because I thought potentially many who share my family name would have use for such a thing.

Probably more then anything else, this is an experiment to see if I can use the wonders of the internet to build an interesting community revolving around a name. It just might be interesting.

Getting started...

Simply fire me an e-mail at info@lemire.name and let me know you're interested. I'll help you get through the whole procedure painlessly.